About Us



The town of Ramelton lies on the River Lennon where it enters the Lough Swilly estuary about 8 miles north of Letterkenny.  There has been a long history of Presbyterianism in the local area dating back to the early 1600’s. Indeed Rev. Francis Makemie who is known as the ‘Father of American Presbyterianism’ was born near Ramelton and worshipped in the old meeting house in town.  The lessons of history are interesting and important for us to remember, but as a congregation of God’s people we wish to place the emphasis on our future, rather than dwelling on our storied past.

Our congregation – Ramelton Presbyterian – was formed on the 1st January 1990 by an amalgamation of First Ramelton and Second Ramelton congregations.  First congregation contributed their church building and church hall and Second Ramelton provided their manse to the union. Our last  minister was Rev. Amanda Best, who ministered to the congregation from October 2006 until her retirement in June 2018.

We presently have 140 families associated with our congregation, a number that has remained steady and even grown slightly over recent years.  We consider ourselves a rural congregation with many families involved in farming and associated activities.  But as the rural landscape continues to change in Donegal, the employment profile of our members is moving to non-agricultural employment particularly the service sector.

As well as our Sunday worship service, our weekly church activities include Sunday School & Bible Class, Children’s Church, Youth Fellowship, Girl’s Brigade, PW Association, Bowling Club, Jr. Badminton, and Mothers & Toddlers.

We also share in joint services such as Pre-Communion, Good Friday and Christmas festivities with our sister congregation in Kilmacrennan.

We meet together on  Thursday nights in Bible Study to examine God’s word and pray for the needs of our church and community.  We continue to seek God’s will for the future of our congregation, particularly as we live out our congregational Mission Plan and guide our congregation through the current vacancy.

As a congregation we pray that we will all be willing to wait patiently on God’s perfect timing to lead the person of His choosing to accept God’s call and command to build up the spiritual life of our congregation; have a keen interested in teaching and discipling our young people, be involved with visitation and care for the elderly and help our people to reach out in love and witness to the unchurched in the rapidly expanding local community.