Girls Brigade

Ramelton Girls Brigade

Ramelton Girls’ Brigade was founded in 1989.  Girls’ Brigade is an International Uniformed Youth Organisation for girls of all ages, denominations, backgrounds and abilities.  There are 33 GB Companies in Ireland.  A varied programme of fun activities is offered, designed to educate, challenge and inspire young girls in a safe environment, along with Christian teaching that is relevant and meaningful to girls today.  Girls gain various badges during their time in Girls’ Brigade and badge work is broken down into 4 sections – Spiritual, Physical, Educational and Service.  Last year the juniors and seniors followed a scripture course set by the Spiritual Committee in GB Head Quarters; their exam results were excellent with one Junior gaining 100%.

Ramelton GB runs from September to March/April each session.

We currently have a membership around 30 girls and 5 leaders; all leaders are Garda vetted and have undertaken Child Protection Training.  A Parents’ Rota has been organised for the 2018/2019 session in order to comply with Child Protection leader: girl ratios and is very successful and parents seem to be enjoying GB as much as the  girls!

The girls enjoy a varied programme each year, which included such events as pottery painting, cookery, team games, arts and crafts, DVD night. 

The Girls are always encouraged to do their bit for others by running various projects from year to year to benefit those in need in our local community and throughout Ireland.

It is hoped that the girls will find this years programme as full and as stimulating as other years.

New members are always welcome, or if you have been a previous member come along and join the fun.

The Girls’ Brigade Motto is Seek, Serve and Follow Christ.