We were very pleased last week to hear the government’s announcement easing some of the restrictions relating to COVID 19, we were particularly pleased to hear that we are now allowed to open the churches for Sunday worship, and it is our plan in both Leiter and Ramelton is to hold services of worships next Sunday the 16th May at the usual times. We have greatly missed worshiping together.

We are however acutely aware of the high number of cases of COVID in Donegal and particularly around Milford, Ramelton and Letterkenny, we will continue to closely monitor these numbers over the next week and if the numbers do significantly increase the Kirk Sessions in both congregations will be reviewing the decision to open for Sunday worship. Also, in returning to worship, we need to ensure that every precaution in taken to ensure that any potential infection does not spread. That means wearing our facemasks before, during and after worship, maintaining social distancing of 2 metres, sanitising and following the steward’s directions. If we could ask you to also keep your masks on outside church as well, we are keen just to take every precaution at the moment. Indeed, if I could encourage people in general terms, day to day, to continue to keep to the government regulations, these regulations are unfortunately still necessary and collectively keeping them will result in infections levels decreasing over these next days and weeks. The end does seem to be in sight, with more and more people getting vaccinated and the picture nationally being more encouraging and we give thanks for this.

On Sunday in Ramelton, we do not envisage any problems accommodating those who come out to worship, we will again have the service relayed into the church hall. In Leiter, if we are not able to accommodate anyone, we will give you preference the following Sunday. The service in Ramelton will be recorded each week and available to view online later on Sunday afternoon. God willing we look forward to seeing you next Sunday.

Thank You.

Richard Tregaskis

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